Week 5 Review of the NFL



Yeah, He’s The Best

Now Peyton Manning has 500 touchdown passes for his career. What else is new? Only that he is the best quarterback that ever played. Yes, I’ve said it many times and I’m sure you’re tired of hearing it, but you can’t deny the truth. Speaking of truth, there is some to the fact that the NFL is catering to quarterbacks in the last decade. These once daunting passing records are no so common that they have been diminished to a degree. It’s not Peyton’s fault though. He continues to roll with the punches and produce at an amazing level that Brett Favre wishes he could still do. But seriously Brett don’t come back. Stay retired and selling Wrangler jeans with Drew Brees. Peyton will have all of the major passing records before he decides to hang up his helmet. Will another quarterback come close to breaking them. It’s certainly possible. The quarterback position is the most important one in the league and perhaps in any sport. Someone else will be doing what Peyton Manning is still doing on Sundays.


Kaepernick vs. Smith

I was quite amazed with all of the discussions surrounding whether or not 49ers coach Jim Harbaugh “lost the locker room” going into the game against the Kansas City Chiefs. I being a 49ers fan will try to not sound biased in my post, but you have to admit the whole thing was very strange. For one the whole thing revolved around the handling of Alex Smith in the offseason of 2012. Apparently it’s a bad thing for a head coach to toy with the idea of brining in Peyton Manning if he’s interested. Apparently that has since rubbed Alex Smith the wrong way even though he won’t admit it publicly. However, Smith was a free agent himself and was weighing his options too. Why is this now becoming an issue two years later? Alex Smith is in a great situation in Kansas City with a new contract and the 49ers have a great quarterback in Colin Kaepernick who has already appeared in one Super Bowl. It’s a good thing the 49ers beat the Chiefs otherwise this nonsense would have continued.


He’s Not The Head Coach

I get why the Buffalo Bills decided to carry Jim Schwartz off the field after beating the Detroit Lions. He was the head coach there for five seasons with only one playoff appearance. It was a redemption or revenge kind of thing. Fine, no big deal. However, Jim Schwartz isn’t the head coach of the Buffalo Bills. He’s the defensive coordinator. Since when does that happen? And during a game early in the regular season. Detroit Lions WR Golden Tate said afterwards that it was a “douche move” by the Bills. Great quote by the way Tate. I take it the reason why he called it is because apparently it was planned before the game. It wasn’t a spontaneous thing. To me that isn’t a big deal either. What’s weird to me is that he isn’t the head coach of any team. Just a coordinator. Am I off base for finding a problem with this?

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