Super Bowl Prediction



* – Division Winner

+ – Wild Card Winner


1. Denver Broncos*

2. New England Patriots*

3. Indianapolis Colts*

4. Baltimore Ravens*

5. San Diego Chargers+

6. Pittsburgh Steelers+


1. New Orleans Saints*

2. San Francisco 49ers*

3. Green Bay Packers*

4. Philadelphia Eagles*

5. Seattle Seahawks+

6. Chicago Bears+

Wild Card

Colts over Steelers

Chargers over Ravens

Bears over Packers

Seahawks over Eagles

Divisional Round

Broncos over Chargers

Patriots over Colts

Saints over Bears

49ers over Seahawks

Championship Round

Broncos over Patriots

Saints over 49ers

Super Bowl 49

Broncos over Saints

With a better equipped defense and the same talented offense the Broncos should be able to capitalize on winning their third Super Bowl in franchise history. It will be a good test for the Broncos defense as they will be going against a better offensive team than the one the Seattle Seahawks boasted last year. Drew Brees and the Saints would love to end Peyton Manning’s chance at getting a second title for the second time. However, the Saints don’t have enough players that excel at coverage to occupy all of Denver’s receivers. Seattle was a perfect match against the Broncos offense last year and the while the Saints defense is formidable they won’t be able to contain the Broncos for 60 minutes. It should be an entertaining game, but one that won’t be affected by weather of any kind. The comfy confines of Arizona will witness another Manning hoisting another Lombardi trophy.

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