Happy Birthday

“Calling All Angels”
Another year has come and gone by for me.  Just so you know I’m approaching the dreaded 3-0 in a couple years now.  That was the first thing I realized when both of my older brothers had turned 30; I’m next.  I’m sure my younger brother won’t have the same thought, but it’s fast approaching that’s for sure.
Enough about me.  I’ve taken this time to thank each and everyone of you who continue to check in here at this site and where ever else I may be on the world wide web.  That includes Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and whatever other methods of communication I’m missing.  It is truly amazing that so many folks have visited.
It’s been three amazing years doing this.  Rest assured that I will continue to add new content for the rest of this year and the foreseeable future.  The NFL season is starting soon which means another round of team-by-team previews.  And you can count on those ‘Week In Review’ posts as well if you missed any of the action.
Don’t fret though if I have any moments of prolonged silence.  I’ve recently started a new full-time job that will occupy most of my weekdays.  But I will not abandon the dream that I have set out to achieve since I started this website back in 2009.
I will return to the airwaves in some capacity.  Either on the internet or terrestrial radio.  ‘My Newest Venture’ at the Final Score Sports Network is still a go.  So stay tuned for updates on that front, as well as my column there.
Once again thank you all for supporting this site and making this ‘Sports Guy’s’ wish come true.  God Bless.
“Tebowing” – 2011


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