Another Year Older

I’ve had some fun with my last two posts around this time the last two years.  Mainly I was using this opportunity to see what does a sports fan truly want for his birthday?  Also to gauge the reader. To get feedback on what I should or shouldn’t do going forward with this website.  I have to say that the one thing as a sports fan that I truly want for my birthday has always been the same. Family.
There have been a lot of things that have happened in the last two years that have put everything into perspective.  I won’t go into details, but suffice to say that it has made me a better person going forward.  Sure no one is perfect.  I’m not trying to tell you that I am.  All I’m saying is that I’m truly grateful for the time that is given and the time that is spent with those that I care about.
Thank you for continuing to check back when you can to see what is new on the website.  What’s in store for the future?  Well, I can say that with the NFL season back on track I will be previewing every team and giving my predictions on the upcoming season. Also during the season I will continue to provide a ‘Week In Review’ post after each week of games.
The website will go through some changes as well.  Cosmetic looks mostly.  Again I encourage you to leave some feedback. Something you want to see or something you don’t want to see. Please feel free to let your voice be heard.  I stress again that this isn’t just for myself.  The motto I have for this website is this; ‘A site run by a sports fan for the sports fans.’
Thank you all again from the bottom of my heart.  Take care and God bless.
The picture at the top is of me and my Dad at a LA Kings vs. Anaheim Ducks game.
The one below is of me and my 3 brothers with our Great Uncle Joe during his 100th Birthday party.

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