My Birthday Gift to You


It has been one year since I wrote “A Birthday Wish for the Sports Fan” and I have to say that none of those wishes have come true, yet.  One wish that I can make come true is the beginning of something new and extraordinary to this site.  Starting this week you will begin to not just read what’s on the mind of Wes The Sports Guy, but actually listen to what he has to say on the wide world of sports.  That’s right, it is now possible for myself to be heard once again on the world wide web.

This is my gift to you, the loyal reader and listener from my previous spot at KLBC.ORG as co-host of “Talkin’ Sports with Wes & JR.”  My voice has returned.  If there is anything that you wish to see on the site, please leave some feedback.  If you want something taken off the site, leave some feedback.  I know you’re there.  Let your voice be heard.  No one is hear to judge.  This is a site not just for myself, but for the entire sports world.

You’re probably asking yourself, “why is there a picture of a football field?”  Well, I put it there to test yourself.  If you can name this field without zooming in at the scoreboard, you are like myself.  Someone who only needs a little information to come to the right answer.  I consider it a gift.  I can share knowledge with you and whether you use it or not, it makes me feel great that you’re checking in.

One last bonus gift to you the reader is the picture below.  It’s more for the slogan in the picture than the person.  But hey, it’s your gift.  Take it as you will.  Stay tuned for the first podcast.

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