Top Sports Teams of the Decade – MLB, NFL, NHL, NBA


MLB – New York Yankees

It does pain me to say it, but this is the team of the decade for baseball. Why you ask. Well it’s simple, sort of. From the year 2000-09 they have made the playoffs all but one year. In the ten World Series this decade, the Yankees have been apart of four of them. Two wins and two losses. One thing you always have to admit about them is that they hate losing. They always put out winners. Granted they are buying wins, but what fan doesn’t want their team to win every single year? Exactly. I could pick the Boston Red Sox, St. Louis Cardinals or the Angels of Anaheim, but I can’t overlook the consistent winning atmosphere in New York. Whether you like them or not, they are a sports fans dream come true.

NFL – New England Patriots

It is starting to look like an east coast bias here, but who else is even close to these guys. They might have cheated their way to the top (allegedly), but the results are etched in NFL history forever. They’ve appeared in four Super Bowls this decade and won three by a combined nine points. That gives you an idea of how exciting those games were. The level of consistency in the free agent era is astounding. They’ve been able to replace pro bowlers left and right year in and year out. If they had beaten the New York Giants two Super Bowls ago they would be the greatest team ever and perhaps in any decade.

NHL – New Jersey Devils

If you thought the first two were the examples of consistency. This team blew right past them. They made the playoffs the entire decade and appeared in three Stanley Cup Finals, winning two. They like the Yankees and Patriots have been able to replace certain pieces, but kept the core together for so many years. Names like Brodeur, Stevens & Niedermayer have been staples for a great franchise that is still a force in the NHL heading into the new decade.

NBA – Los Angeles Lakers

I could make the case for the San Antonio Spurs, but I will go with a well known here. From 2000-09 they made the playoffs all but one season. Appeared in the NBA Finals six times, winning four championships. The coach through most of it is probably the best of all time in Phil Jackson. Shaq was part of the resurgence, then it was past to Kobe, who is scary to say still in his prime. This team has gotten even better going into the new decade with perhaps its best roster since the early ’00s.

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