Heisman Hopefuls


A lot of thought goes into deciding who wins this prestigious trophy (pictured above). You figure in individual statistics, team leadership and team success are just some of what voters look for in the eventual winner. Some consider the Heisman as the MVP of College Football. I never have and never will think of it as that. It goes to the best player no matter how the team he plays for performs.

Before the five finalists were announced, these were my five choices:
QB Colt McCoy Texas – 3,512 yards passing, 27 TD’s
RB Toby Gerhart Stanford – 1,736 rushing yards, 26 TD’s
QB Tim Tebow Florida – 3,272 total yards, 31 total TD’s
RB Mark Ingram Alabama – 1,864 total yards, 18 total TD’s
QB Case Keenum Houston – 5,449 passing yards, 47 total TD’s

Very similar to the final five. I could make a case for others: DT Ndamukong Suh Nebraska, RB C.J. Spiller Clemson, QB Kellen Moore Boise State. I’m very happy that Suh was named a finalist. He is the true definition of a Heisman player. A game changer at defensive tackle of all places. Nebraska has had a complete turn around for its program thanks in part to Suh. Spiller has had an impressive season. 15 TD’s and over 1,500 total yards for a decent Clemson team. Moore is worthy of consideration with 3,300 passing yards and 39 TD’s. It just isn’t fair sometimes.

Ndamukong Suh’s stats are very respectable for being a Heisman finalist. 82 tackles, 23 for a loss. 12 sacks and an interception. Compared to the last defensive player to win the Heisman (CB Charles Woodson of Michigan) Suh’s are pretty good. Woodson had 47 tackles and 8 interceptions his Heisman year.

I’d like to think Suh will get it, but I believe the voters will go with the hot hand. Mark Ingram had a great game against Florida in the SEC championship game. Tim Tebow had a good year, but no overwhelming to warrant a second Heisman. Colt McCoy had a great year, but compared to Tebow not good enough to win it over him. Toby Gerhart was unstoppable down the stretch and I believe it will be enough to get him the Heisman. First to win from the University of Stanford since QB Jim Plunkett in 1970. Congrats to the winner whoever it may be on December 12.

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