Southeast Division


1. Miami Heat

This is the perfect time for them to retake the division and make some noise come playoff time.

2. Orlando Magic

They certainly stack up as a playoff team, but can they get out of the first round?

3. Washington Wizards

John Wall isn’t expected to play this season. Should they be expected to make a playoff push?

4. Atlanta Hawks

The rebuild continues and they came away with two excellent lottery picks to go along with Trae Young.

5. Charlotte Hornets

It’s going to be a painful, but necessary rebuild to get away from the bad contracts they’ve dolled out over the years. Continue reading

Central Division


1. Milwaukee Bucks

Being beaten by the eventual NBA champions shouldn’t deter them from making another run this year.

2. Indiana Pacers

They have an interesting core to build from and if Victor Oladipo is healthy they could surprise some in the playoffs.

3. Detroit Pistons

Their strength is in the front-court, but is Derrick Rose the answer for the backcourt?

4. Chicago Bulls

They’ve built a nice roster, but they need to find an identity if they want to be serious contenders.

5. Cleveland Cavaliers

John Beilein left the comforts of Michigan to see how he can use his talents to rebuild the Cavaliers. Continue reading

Atlantic Division


1. Philadelphia 76ers

A lot of money has been invested in their starting lineup to deliver a trip to the Conference Finals or better.

2. Toronto Raptors

They are the defending champs and they will defend that title without Kawhi, but the world will realize how good Pascal Siakam is.

3. Boston Celtics

Last year was a disappointment and they hope Kemba Walker is better than Kyrie was.

4. Brooklyn Nets

Even without Kevin Durant for his first season aboard this Nets team has a lot of intriguing pieces to build on.

5. New York Knicks

Sure signing four power forwards was a strange move, but they weren’t massive long-term deals. Continue reading