Week 18 Review of the NFL


One Year Turnaround

I certainly did not have the Jacksonville Jaguars making the playoffs this season. As I’m sure most Jaguars fans (if there are any) didn’t have them making it either. Yet, I did expect them to be markedly better than the previous two years in which they had 1 and 3 wins respectively. QB Trevor Lawrence was in a lose-lose situation last year with no help in front of him on the offensive line and a lack of playmakers to get the ball to. Those two things have greatly improved and show why he was selected number one overall. The defense has shown vast improvement as well with the Jaguars winning 7 of their last 9 games to clinch the porous AFC North division title. That’s another reason as to why the Jaguars have improved so quickly. Playing the Texans, Colts and Titans twice every season will do that. Regardless it’s good to see fresh faces in the playoffs and the Jaguars fit that mold to a tee.

Last Game, No One Gets In

While I wanted the final regular season game to be a winner take all for both teams, it still turned out to be an interesting contest. The Detroit Lions were eliminated from contention earlier in the day with the Seattle Seahawks beating the Los Angeles Rams. That meant that the Green Bay Packers simply needed to win and they would clinch the final spot in the NFC. If Green Bay lost to Detroit, then Seattle would get the last spot. Fast forward to the outcome that was oh so hilarious in that the Packers lost the game and finished behind the Lions in the standings. Now I did not have the Lions making the playoffs this season, but I wouldn’t have been surprised if they finished second in the standings. Lo and behold Detroit finished second with their win in Green Bay. The Lions are playing with a different attitude under head coach Dan Campbell and it is resonating with the players. They want to do anything and everything to win. This game showed that for a national audience.

Questions Need To Be Answered

First and foremost I am grateful that Buffalo Bills safety Damar Hamlin has been released from the hospital and is well on his way to recovering and hopefully will be back on the football field in due time. The outpouring of prayer was also humbling to see and shows that it isn’t a waste of time like some would have you believe.

What are the odds? I have never and will never judge anyone for making a medical decision involving the supposed vaccine. I was always and will always be against mandating it or anything for that matter. And with more examples coming to light of young adults having medical emergencies happening in their 20s and 30s rather than later into their lives is alarming to say the least.

With all this said we don’t know if Damar Hamlin has gotten the supposed vaccine for Covid-19. We don’t know if he has an unforeseen heart condition i.e, Hank Gathers of Loyola Marymount University. We also don’t know if this is a case of commotio cordis.

“Occurrence of commotio cordis is related to time of impact during the cardiac cycle, direct impact over the heart, the hardness and speed of the projectile, and the ineffectiveness of chest barriers.”

We should be asking lots of questions though. And those that are shutting down any discussion about any of these should be looked at with skeptical eyes. In relation to commotio cordis, Dr. Peter McCullough who is one of, if not the most renowned cardiologist in the world had a substack post that explained it with studies to boot.

The likelihood of it being commotio cordis is very remote, but if a full and transparent investigation turns out that to be the case then that’s where it will stay.

That’s the thing though. Will there be one and will we get all the information necessary with this case? Ask as many questions as possible because there is too much at stake to just let this go away without any answers.

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