Week 12 Review of the NFL


Does This Fix The Problem?

So apparently the New York Jets have a quarterback controversy at the weirdest possible time. Heading into December this is not the time any team wants this to happen. For the Jets it seemed to be the right call after their win against the Chicago Bears. Now this doesn’t mean I’m jumping on the bandwagon. The Bears are not a good team. Even if their QB Justin Fields was able to play in the game, which he didn’t. However, QB Mike White who became a folk hero last season, completed 22 of his 28 passes for 315 yards and threw for 3 touchdowns. Zach Wilson, the former number two overall pick, has started 7 games this season and had only thrown 4 touchdown passes. Again, I’m not jumping on the Jets bandwagon, but this could have solved a huge problem.

Quietly Getting Better

You would have never known it, but Jaguars QB Trevor Lawrence is living up to his billing as the top pick of the 2021 draft. After a subpar rookie season he has quietly become the franchise quarterback we all expected when he was drafted. His first signature game came this past week at home against the Baltimore Ravens. He threw for 321 yards and 3 touchdown passes and led the Jaguars to a come from behind victory on their final drive of the game that included a go-ahead 2-point conversion. The interceptions are way down this season and he’s thrown for more touchdown passes. Another positive is that he hasn’t been sacked as much this season as he was last year. Funny how that works for a franchise quarterback. Jacksonville’s future is looking better and better with each passing week.

I’m Withholding Judgment

Everyone wants to jump on the criticism boat of saying Tom Brady and Aaron Rodgers need to retire when this season is over, or more hilarious to me, retire now. Seriously, people getting paid to talk about football are making that case. We know that isn’t going to happen. Rodgers has a rib injury and he could be out a few games, but he’s stubborn and probably will still play before the season is over. For Brady he is playing in the worst division in the NFL this year. Tampa Bay will probably represent the NFC South in the playoffs. But there is a stigma attached to this team. They aren’t doing the simple things to win games. Like running the ball late in the game when you had the lead for most of the second half. Brady hasn’t been the same, but he probably has one more playoff run to go and then he will have those same folks saying he can play until he’s 50. Good grief.

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