Week 9 Review of the NFL


A Statement Was Made In The AFC East

Normally the Buffalo Bills are the ones making a statement in their own division. That wasn’t the case this past week as the New York Jets made a statement with their home victory over the Bills. New York’s quarterback Zach Wilson is doing enough to get points on the board, but the Jets defense has been playing great of late. There is beginning to be a sense of optimism growing within the Jets franchise and it is starting with their head coach Robert Saleh. At this moment the Jets are looking more and more like a playoff team and that is something no one expected when this season began.

A Battle For Futility

Two teams that played each other in a high scoring affair in the playoffs last season had a rematch this past week. It was quite the opposite outcome between these two. Suffice it to say both teams would be fortunate to make the playoffs this season, but for Tampa Bay they came away with the victory. All thanks to the Los Angeles Rams playing a prevent style defense knowing that QB Tom Brady and the Bucs needed a touchdown to win the game. I’ve seen some crummy defensive efforts late in games, but for a team that won the Super Bowl last year it was an embarrassing showing.

Another One Bites The Dust

The Indianapolis Colts season is getting worse and that became more apparent after their disastrous performance against the New England Patriots. Head coach Frank Reich was fired and replaced with former Colts Pro Bowl center Jeff Saturday as the interim head coach. Owner Jim Irsay boasted that he knows how to put together a great football team during the press conference introducing Saturday. I’d argue that ever since Peyton Manning left, Irsay doesn’t have a clue on how to run things. He was gifted QB Andrew Luck and never adequately protected him while he had him. The Colts have now gone through three consecutive seasons of Philip Rivers, Carson Wentz and Matt Ryan as their starting quarterbacks. All with mixed results. QB Sam Ehlinger is not doing any better and frankly no one will with how the offensive line has been playing this year. They allowed 9 sacks to the Patriots and were 0 for 14 on third down. They are playing for a top-10 and maybe a top-5 pick at this point. Frankly I’d make the case that Jim Irsay is the worst owner in the league with how dysfunctional things have been.

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