Week 5 Review of the NFL


An Arrowhead Disaster

You can say that the weather had something to do with it, but there’s no denying that the Kansas City Chiefs are headed in the wrong direction. The Buffalo Bills are not pushovers by any stretch of the imagination. They came into Arrowhead looking to prove that they are legit contenders in the AFC and were a victory away from the Super Bowl last season if not for a loss at Arrowhead to the Chiefs. This game sealed it for me that Buffalo is ready for a Super Bowl run. Does that mean I’m crowning them the AFC champions, no I’m not. But I did predict they would be in the Super Bowl before the season started. These two will probably meet again and judging by how the season is going it will be in Buffalo next time.

There Can Only Be One

There’s always at least one game every year where there’s hardly any defense and the scoring comes in bunches. Lately there will be at least two or three of them with today’s NFL being catered to the offense. We saw one of those games with the Cleveland Browns and the Los Angeles Chargers this last week. Both teams I have pegged as playoff teams this year and in the case of the Chargers they are creating a new identity that I haven’t seen in quite some time. They are not settling and are being ultra aggressive by going for it on 4th down instead of kicking a field goal. It’s been working as the team is responding in a positive fashion. The Browns showed that they have an elite rushing attack that balances well with their approach to the passing game. The Chargers won in the end, but this was an entertaining affair if you take out the referees injecting themselves at in opportune times.

What To Make Of Lamar

The Indianapolis Colts are awful. Let’s get that straight. They were winning 25-9 going into the 4th quarter and lost 31-25 in overtime. In the midst of that, Baltimore Ravens QB Lamar Jackson showed once again that he is a force to be reckoned with. He didn’t play his best game in the first 3 quarters. However, that performance the rest of the way should be enough to keep the doubters at bay. I never considered him to be a niche at quarterback. He needed to show improvement in some areas and has been. There’s a reason he won an MVP award and could win a few more before his career is over. The question is can he parlay his regular season into January and February? He’s one of the most unique quarterbacks in the league. There’s almost nothing he can’t do at this point.

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