Week 3 Review of the NFL


37 Seconds

I guess you can never give a future Hall of Fame quarterback anytime left on the clock when he has no timeouts. That’s what happened to the San Francisco 49ers when they scored the go ahead touchdown with 37 seconds left in the game. Green Bay Packers QB Aaron Rodgers then threw the ball exclusively to WR Davante Adams and reached field goal range for Mason Crosby who converted the game winning field goal. The other lesson that needs to be learned here is that Rodgers will always look for Adams in this situation. The rest of the league has now been informed.

He Was Never A Bad QB

For anyone that criticized QB Matthew Stafford as not being a ‘great’ or ‘elite’ quarterback, I understand and have stopped short of using those words to describe Stafford’s play. However, if you refuse to say that he is a ‘good’ quarterback, that’s where I will take issue. He played for the Detroit Lions before this season. It wasn’t his fault that WR Calvin Johnson retired earlier than expected. Nor was it his fault that Detroit never had a running game to alleviate pressure from. Nor was it his fault that Detroit never had a great defense. They did make the playoffs on two different occasions with Stafford, but that was because of Stafford not in spite of him. Seeing him with the Los Angeles Rams is proving why he was always a good quarterback, but when he’s surrounded by elite talent on offense and defense, he could have been an ‘elite’ one for many years already.

Pittsburgh, You Have A Problem

It’s not because they lost at home to the Cincinnati Bengals. It’s because your quarterback Ben Roethlisberger threw the ball 58 times with a porous offensive line in front of him and saw little results. This was a widely known problem going into this season for the Steelers, yet they are proceeding like they will just will their way to a victory. Their defense looks worse than it did at the second half of last season when the almost blew the division title away. More problems are coming for them if they don’t right this ship fast.

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