Week 1 Review of the NFL


That’s Why They’re The Defending Champions

When you have all 22 of your starters from the previous years Super Bowl team return, chances are you’re going to do well. QB Tom Brady was his usual self for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. The Dallas Cowboys mistakenly left 1:30 on the clock in the 4th quarter to give Brady the time to drive down the field for the game winning field goal. It was a good showing for the Cowboys by and large. Yet the same problems persist for them from last year. For Tampa Bay it’s going to be more of the same. They legitimately want another shot at a second consecutive Lombardi trophy.

Will They Be Stopped?

I assumed the visiting Cleveland Browns were going to make it an interesting game. They had all the momentum until Ronnie Harrison pushed a Kansas City Chiefs assistant coach on the sideline. Then that fired up the Chiefs and they never looked back. It’s going to be said every time about QB Patrick Mahomes. He won’t stop scoring until you actually make him uncomfortable. See last years Super Bowl and how Tampa Bay defended him. Cleveland didn’t learn this lesson and it showed. Someone will do it this season. I thought it might have happened in the first week.

An Eventual Playoff Matchup

Some of you might have the Pittsburgh Steelers in the playoffs again this year. Most of you probably have the Buffalo Bills winning their division. I don’t have Pittsburgh in the playoffs this year, but that doesn’t mean they won’t be in the mix. The Steelers played the first half like they did last year and they were stagnant. In the second half they made the Bills play on their heels and were clearly the better team. This is a bit misleading since the Steelers defense was the reason they won, but the offense has to find that balance with the running game. The defense won’t be able to bail them out every week like they were last season.

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