Week 11 Review of the NFL


OT Winner

The Green Bay Packers had a 28-14 lead at halftime. Not a large lead in today’s NFL, but enough to get your attention. The Indianapolis Colts then proceeded to score 17 unanswered points in the second half while shutting down the Packers offense. The Colts were up 31-28 with under 9 minutes left. Green Bay was fortunate enough to get the ball for the last possession and were marching down the field looking to get a touchdown rather than the game tying field goal. Alas, they were stopped short and settled for the kick. On to overtime. The coin toss went in their favor, but a costly fumble setup the Colts for the win. There were moments when Aaron Rodgers wasn’t playing up to par, but the Colts do have a stellar defense. The Packers play in a very weak division and host Chicago next Sunday. They were tested and it should benefit them going forward.

Give It To Henry

The Tennessee Titans did not look good in this game when it started. To their credit they didn’t shy away from constantly running the ball when they were down 21-10 with 9 minutes left in the 3rd quarter. Derrick Henry finished with 133 yards rushing and the game winning touchdown in overtime. It was methodical and precise how they wore down the Baltimore Ravens defense in that second half and overtime. They averaged over 5 yards per rush while allowing just under 4 yards to the Ravens. These are two of the best rushing offenses in the game today. One was clearly outperforming the other. This is the Titans blueprint for success and they better deviate from it if they want to keep playing in January.

I Forgot

In my defense, New Orleans Saints head coach Sean Payton announced the starting quarterback as Taysom Hill a day after I posted my Weekly Review last week. One thing that I did forget about was that Hill is being paid quite a bit more than QB Jameis Winston. I’m sure that was part of the decision making process. Plus if Hill did falter, Winston isn’t the worst fallback option. Either way, Hill did well in his first start at quarterback. He attempted 23 passes and completed 18 of them. He totaled 233 yards in the air and added 51 yards rushing with 2 touchdowns. He did fumble the ball which was his only major blemish of the day. He will be starting against the Denver Broncos and might get the next game against Atlanta, depending on QB Drew Brees’ recovery. As I said last week, this team will be fine without Brees for a few games.

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