Week 10 Review of the NFL


Play Of The Year

For my weekly YouTube show I’ve been highlighting a NFL game that I think will be the Game of the Week. I’ve been getting pretty good at highlighting what ends up being the game of the week with this last one being Buffalo vs. Arizona. It looked to be a bit one-sided after halftime with Buffalo up 23-9 in the 3rd quarter. Then Arizona scored 17 unanswered points to take a 26-23 lead going into the 4th quarter. There was some good back and forth going on from there with each defense making plays and giving their respective offense’s a chance to close it out or make a comeback. The Bills scored the go-ahead touchdown with Josh Allen finding Stefon Diggs. There’s 34 seconds left and Arizona does have two timeouts, but the chances aren’t great being down 30-26 and having to score a touchdown. Yet, Cardinals QB Kyler Murray launched a 43-yard dart to DeAndre Hopkins who was on an island in the end zone with three defenders surrounding him. Somehow he caught it and the ball game is theirs. So, why did Houston trade Hopkins?

Can They Still Clinch A Playoff Spot?

It’s a hypothetical question, but it doesn’t look good right now. What with the recent play of QB Russell Wilson who is quickly disappearing from the MVP conversation and the obvious problems on the offensive line. Seattle’s schedule is very favorable. After their Thursday night game in Week 11 against Arizona, they play Philadelphia, both New York teams and Washington. Can you say 4-0 during that stretch? They don’t have a consistent running game when Wilson is being sacked 6 times like he was against the Rams. For some reason he’s throwing more interceptions and we know the defense won’t do them any favors. Once they’re done with Arizona they should be fine. If they go 2-2 during that cupcake run, then you better start to worry.

What To Do Without Brees?

We saw this before last year. Drew Brees was out for a month and QB Teddy Bridgewater stepped in and did very well. Will that be the same with Jameis Winston? It’s possible if he doesn’t revert to what he was doing with Tampa Bay. He has RB Alvin Kamara and RB Latavius Murray to run the ball and a solid offensive line in front of him. Utilize that and WR Michael Thomas and WR Emmanuel Sanders will be your primary targets. The only thing that can mess this up is if Winston tries to force throws and then the defense will bait him into making a mistake. Especially if the Saints are down late in a game. If he avoids that, they will be fine. This doesn’t appear to be as long of an absence as last year for Brees, but this will be a big test for Winston if he still has that potential to lead a team after his disastrous stint in Tampa Bay.

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