Week 4 Review of the NFL


What The Hell Is Going On?

They’ve allowed 39, 38 and 49 points in the last three games. It’s amazing to think that they actually won a game in that stretch. That has been the Dallas Cowboys so far this season. Forget what QB Dak Prescott is doing this season. Yes, he’s putting up incredible numbers, but that is because the Cowboys defense has been giving up so many points. They’ve allowed the third most total yards per game, forced only 2 turnovers and accumulated 8 sacks. This defense wasn’t expected to be among the best in the league, but this trend cannot continue. The offense has loads of talent and it is showing with them almost making incredible comeback wins the last two weeks against Seattle and Cleveland. For their sake they are lucky they play in the worst division in football right now.

Quite The Start

So Josh Allen is supposed to be a run first quarterback? I see. Well, he did run for a touchdown in their win against Las Vegas, but he totaled -1 yard rushing for the game. The rest of his stat line was outstanding; 24-34, 288 yards passing with 2 touchdown passes. Buffalo is now 4-0 and Josh Allen has entered the MVP discussion going forward. He is passing at a 70% clip and has thrown 12 touchdown passes to only 1 interception. This was considered to be a run first offense, but that script has flipped with Buffalo 2nd in passing and 28th in rushing. They might want to consider running a little bit more to save their defense, but right now it’s working. Keep doing what works until it doesn’t.

You’re Fired

It finally happened, but it was four games too late for the Houston Texans.

To give you a refresher, the Houston Texans were leading 24-0 in the 2nd quarter of the Divisional Round game against the Kansas City Chiefs last season. For the rest of the game the Texans were outscored 51-7. How and the hell did Bill O’Brien keep his job after that game? Sure the franchise only had one losing season before this year under O’Brien in his 6 full seasons as head coach. They won their division in the four seasons they made the playoffs. Yet, his playoff record was 2-4 and the game I mentioned last season was among the worst coached games I’ve ever seen. Then to top it off, when the season was over. He traded away one of the best wide receivers in the league in DeAndre Hopkins for a 2nd and 4th round pick. Yes, the Arizona Cardinals did include RB David Johnson, but he is no longer what he was from 2016. Bill O’Brien the GM probably led to the firing of him as the head coach. Either way this team checked out and he gets shown the door. With the way this season has been playing out there is no doubt more coaching changes will be coming. I’m looking at you Atlanta, Detroit and the New York Jets just to name a few.

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