Recap of Super Bowl LIV


50 Year Wait

As we watched Super Bowl LIV unfold, we all wondered when the Kansas City Chiefs QB Patrick Mahomes would make a patented long pass down the field to an open receiver. That came on a crucial 3rd and 15 in the 4th quarter which gave the Chiefs momentum for the rest of the game.

Tyreek Hill’s speed has to be respected and it was throughout the game by the 49ers. He was running toward the safety in the middle of the field, but suddenly turned toward the sideline which left him wide open for Mahomes to heave it to him. Mahomes was under duress on the play, but his elusiveness in the pocket helped him on that play and many others in the 4th quarter.

The Chiefs were down 20-10 with under 10 minutes to go in the game. By no means were they out of it, but in the other circumstances in the playoffs, their comeback wins came to fruition by halftime. San Francisco gave the Chiefs everything and more the entire game. The play calling can’t really be argued with when you watch how the game was transpiring for the 49ers. They were running the ball when they had to and they needed to throw the ball in order to conserve time for a possible comeback in the end.

Kansas City’s defense played well when they needed to. The offense did their job and the eventual MVP Patrick Mahomes was his usual self in the 4th quarter. The argument could be made for RB Damien Williams to be the MVP as he was effective for the entire game rushing and receiving.

Congratulations to the Kansas City Chiefs on winning their second Super Bowl title in franchise history. It was a fantastic game to watch even though the outcome wasn’t in this 49ers fan’s favor.

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