Week 15 Review of the NFL


A New Person Atop The Leaderboard

So how long was Peyton Manning going to have that career passing touchdown mark? That’s a rhetorical question because we knew it wasn’t going to last. Sure enough someone else has passed him before he has even been eligible to be in the Hall of Fame. Drew Brees of the New Orleans Saints passed him on Monday night in one of the most dominant passing performances in NFL history. The reason why I classify it as such is because he had only one incomplete pass. He was 29 of 30. If he had only attempted 15-20 passes I wouldn’t be as impressed, but he threw 30 passes in a blowout victory. If Brees ends up playing another 3-4 years minimum, that touchdown record will last a while. That is unless Tom Brady keeps playing as well. Just another notch to Brees’ resume.

They Just Need To Do One Thing

That one thing is to protect their quarterback. Josh Allen can become a special quarterback. Not just for his scrambling ability. That has always been there. Especially for someone as big as him being 6’5. Buffalo did a pretty good job bringing in two receivers in Cole Beasley and John Brown in the offseason that complement Allen’s scrambling ability with their speed and route running. It showed as they picked apart a solid Pittsburgh Steelers defense on Sunday night. If a defense gears up to shutdown Allen and keep him in the pocket, Buffalo’s biggest flaw becomes apparent. They can’t adequately protect him in that pocket. He’s not a traditional passer there, but his confidence will suffer if he doesn’t have the protection all quarterbacks need. Buffalo is back in the playoffs with that victory against the Steelers, but they need keep their quarterback up right if they want to create havoc in the playoffs.

So Long Oakland

When the Chargers left San Diego to play in Los Angeles, I said at the time that it was a mistake. It certainly looks like a bigger mistake with the absence of a legitimate fan base for them since the move. The same goes for the Raiders who will be playing in Las Vegas next season. They played their last home game in Oakland and the team had a 16-3 halftime lead against Jacksonville. The Raiders ended up losing 20-16. The fan base wasn’t too thrilled with the outcome obviously and they realized that this was the end. The playoffs are highly unlikely for them after the loss and while I do feel for the fans that didn’t want to see this, the city didn’t do them any favors and the same for owner Mark Davis. Greed and power were rampant in this and the fans got hosed. The one thing going for this franchise though is they will still have fans flocking to Vegas to watch them. Their loyalty knows no bounds.

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