Week 14 Review of the NFL


Quite The Show

Last week we saw the 49ers and Ravens exchange scores at a semi-frantic pace in one half. Then their defenses took over in the other half. This week with the 49ers and Saints matchup, it was all about the offense’s. Occasionally one of their defense’s would come up with a big stop, but they were few and far between. Normally you would say that the game was over with Drew Brees driving down the field throwing another touchdown with just under a minute to go. However, the 49ers had all three of their timeouts and arguably the best tight end in the league in George Kittle. Tell me you don’t like watching him take three defenders with him about 20 yards, all while having his face mask pulled and his face poked at the whole time. Robbie Gould eventually hit the game winning field goal and thus another fantastic game including the 49ers was done. Even in games that they should win easily, this is a great team to watch. Try to tell me otherwise.

Not A Good Look

The bungling of the NFL referees has affected another team. This time it was the New England Patriots. To be fair I would put some blame on Bill Belichick for challenging a forward progress play that determined if a reception resulted in a first down. Those types of challenges almost never get overturned. And it didn’t once again. That was their last challenge for the game and the picture you see above was clearly a touchdown on replay, but the receiver was called out of bounds short of the goal line. No challenges and no touchdown. There were other moments including a no pass interference call that would have helped the Patriots. The Chiefs played like they wanted to lose in the second half after playing a perfect first half. That doesn’t bode well for them as I’ve said before they won’t win a Super Bowl with this defense they currently have constructed.

Welcome Back Ryan

He had only one season with the Miami Dolphins where he was sacked less than 30 times. That was 2016 and that was with 13 starts because you guessed it, he was hurt. Ryan Tannehill has had injury issues throughout his career, but this revival of his is pretty amazing to see. In 7 starts this season the Tennessee Titans are 6-1. He’s thrown 15 touchdowns to only 5 interceptions and is having the Titans ready to extend him and forget they drafted Marcus Mariota with the 2nd pick in 2015. I figured that when Tennessee acquired him in the offseason that it was insurance for an eventual Mariota injury. Little did I think it would be for Mariota’s inability to run the offense. I’m sure he will find a new domicile after this season. For now the Titans are banking on Tannehill to get them to the playoffs. And for the record he has never experienced a playoff game during his six seasons in Miami.

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