Week 9 Review of the NFL


Their First Test

By most observers the New England Patriots have had a rather easy ride to an 8-0 start. The only game that they were in any danger of losing was in Buffalo where the final score was 16-10. This past Sunday night saw them go on the road to Baltimore to try to stop Ravens QB Lamar Jackson. It wasn’t looking too good in the first quarter as the Ravens offense was methodical and ran right up the gut of the Patriots defense. Then Baltimore began to turn the ball over and the Patriots had life at halftime. But when the second half started the Patriots turned the ball over and momentum was back in Baltimore’s favor. The strengths of the Ravens were on display for everyone to see. The flaws of the Patriots were there as well. Both of them should be playing well into January, but this was a loss that New England needed now rather than in December.

A Huge Victory

Kansas City had lost three straight at home and were hosting the Minnesota Vikings on Sunday. If the Chiefs were to lose this game it would put them in a precarious spot in the division. With the Raiders and Chargers both winning later in the day, it would have put them within a game of Kansas City atop the AFC West. Thankfully for the Chiefs they played a great game with the help of Tyreek Hill and backup QB Matt Moore. The defense still has a ways to go, but they made some key stops and the Chiefs put it away with a game winning field goal as time expired. If Patrick Mahomes ends up playing next week, they’ll be in a great position to stay ahead of the rest of the division.

A Worthy Candidate

With the announcement this week that Cam Newton has been placed on injured reserve with his foot injury, thus ending his season, the face of the franchise is now RB Christian McCaffrey. He’s second in the league in rushing with 881 yards. He has the most rushing touchdowns with 10. He also has 42 catches for 363 yards and 3 touchdowns. Oh and he also hasn’t had a single fumble in the Panthers eight games. Most of the time, if not every single season a quarterback is among the top candidates for the MVP award. This year could prove different especially if the Panthers do get to the playoffs. If McCaffrey eclipses his numbers from last season, he should definitely be in the conversation.

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