Week 6 Review of the NFL


There’s No Denying It

While I won’t go as far to say that it was a must win game for the Houston Texans, it certainly was an important one with potential playoff implications down the road. They didn’t look good at times against the Kansas City Chiefs, but lately who does. The one thing that Houston has that many teams don’t is a quarterback like Deshaun Watson. I’ve said it for a while now and I’m going to say it again. He is quickly becoming one of the best quarterbacks in the league today. While he did throw two interceptions in the game, he wasn’t sacked which is amazing to think that if he doesn’t get pressured as constantly as he does he could be even better. He did throw a touchdown pass and ran for two more. If the Texans end up with a 12-4 or 11-5 record for the season, you’ll have to consider mentioning Watson in the MVP conversation. He isn’t there now, but he could be in December.

Making A Statement

I do my best not to talk about the 49ers every week and that’s because I am a die hard Niners fan. It wouldn’t be fair to you to read about them every week, win or lose. However, since they did a number on the division rival Rams this past week I can’t pass this up. While the jury is still out on Jimmy Garoppolo, he is being paid like a franchise quarterback and they haven’t lost a game this season. This team’s strength in with their rushing attack and with a defense that is beginning to look like the one under former coach Jim Harbaugh. It also helps to have a tight end in George Kittle who is quickly becoming the best tight end in the league right now. I for one am excited to see how this plays out. I’m expecting them to remain in contention until the end of the season. Hopefully by then they will continue to play in January, but I’m still being realistic and realize they need to do this against Seattle to quell the doubters and reaffirm my belief that they are back.

Why Does It Keep Happening?

I for one have said it many teams that I don’t know what the definition of a catch is anymore according to the NFL’s mundane rules. The same goes for roughing the passer. Now you can include pass interference, now that teams can challenge those calls or lack thereof. This Monday night game between the Lions and Packers had a new wrinkle to it. How is it illegal use of hands to the face when a guy doesn’t even touch the other players face? It happened to Trey Flowers of the Lions twice and the last one pretty much gave the Packers the game with a game winning field goal. I’ve kind of jokingly said that the league is quickly becoming a joke, but I can’t pretend anymore. These calls we are seeing now will not be called when the calendar turns to January and games become more crucial. If you’re calling them now, you better be consistent about it year round, but the word ‘consistent’ doesn’t compute to the NFL nowadays.

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