Recap of Super Bowl LIII


Make It Six

Good luck finding any memorable highlights or moments from this Super Bowl. Even if you’re a huge Patriots fan, you have to admit you didn’t expect this kind of a game. While most are talking about how ‘boring’ or ‘awful’ the game was, you have to admit that the halftime show was worse, right?

All kidding aside this was a defensive show by both teams. The Los Angeles Rams had more talent on the defensive side and they had to put consistent pressure on Tom Brady if they wanted a chance. To their credit they were doing that and the secondary played their best game of the season. Brady didn’t look like the 5-time Super Bowl champion quarterback we’re used to seeing.

However, the Rams didn’t adjust quickly enough to neutralize the lone safety net for Brady and that was the eventual Super Bowl MVP Julian Edelman. The Patriots should have scored more than 13 points in this game with the efficiency they showed getting the ball to Edelman.

The Rams had plenty of opportunities to score and they could never get in sync. For whatever reason Todd Gurley was ineffective. They assured the sideline reporter that he was healthy, but when he was in the game it was frustrating to see him not play to his level. On the other side, Sony Michel was used early and often and scored the lone touchdown of the game for the Patriots.

“Defense wins championships and that will proven once again in this game.” I wrote that for my preview to this game. In that context I expected the Rams to be victorious because of their defense putting pressure on Brady. It was effective, but the Rams offense was dormant. The credit goes to the Patriots who made key stops and had a key interception late in the game by Stephon Gilmore.

This was not the worst Super Bowl ever. It seems like it since we had such a great run of good if not great games. We were due for a dud, but it was not without key moments from many usual suspects.

Congratulations to the New England Patriots on their sixth Super Bowl title. They are now tied with the Pittsburgh Steelers for the most Super Bowl titles of all-time.

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