Week 9 Review of the NFL


Living Up To The Hype

If you wanted an offensive show, you got one this past Sunday. The Los Angeles Rams and the New Orleans Saints combined for 80 points scored and with the Saints scoring 35 of those points in the first half. New Orleans ended up the victor 45-35 and showed that they are a true contender for the Super Bowl this year. Make no mistake that the Rams will have learned a valuable lesson from this game, but they better bring a better gameplan on defense if they want any chance of beating them next time.

He Finally Scored

He had 898 receiving yards in the Falcons eight games played so far before he scored his first touchdown of the season. For one of the best receivers in football today, that’s insane it took that long for him to get one touchdown. He is a very selfless player in his own right and hasn’t made any noise about it. Last year it was a problem too and yet he didn’t say anything about it. Now that he’s finally over that hump he can focus on accomplishing another feat next week. Becoming the fastest receiver to achieve 10,000 yards receiving in his career.

Among The Best

Some questioned it last year and some were questioning it again this year. Why did Carolina choose Christian McCaffrey with a top-10 pick? He doesn’t have the ideal size for an every down back. His versatility in the passing game is among the best, but can he be relied upon in short yardage situations? All those questions have been answered now. He’s worth every bit of that selection and then some. He’s averaging a full yard higher on the ground than he did last year (4.7 – 3.7). He’s on pace to eclipse his catch total of 80 from last year and his receiving yards of 651. Should he get 1,000 yards rushing this year (currently 579), he will be in the conversation of one of the best every down backs in the league. Even if he doesn’t, he is in my book.

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