Week 7 Review of the NFL


He’s The MVP

Unless something unforeseen happens, Chiefs QB Patrick Mahomes will win the MVP trophy this year. That doesn’t automatically make the Chiefs the AFC Champions, but at this pace they will certainly have home field advantage in the playoffs. He already has 22 touchdown passes. The next closest is Andrew Luck with 20, but he’s thrown the ball almost ten attempts more than Mahomes. Sure, the offense is stacked so that any quarterback could have success. As I’ve said before, you still have to make the throws and the reads. Take what the defense gives you. He’s making it look too easy.

There’s Another Contender In LA

Since the Chargers lost their first game to the Kansas City Chiefs, they’ve won five of six and are on a four game winning streak. There is some talk that it is a fluke, but when you play a somewhat easy schedule you’re expected to win those games with the talent pool you have. The Chargers are not short on talent and they are proving it so far this year. Their other loss was to the Los Angeles Rams. The focus is mostly on the Rams in LA, but don’t count out the Chargers just yet. Their next four games on paper should be victories and it will put them in a prime position for a playoff spot.

7-0 And Counting 

Speaking of contenders in LA. The Rams keep running along at a dominant pace. When the Rams moved to St. Louis, Missouri and made their run in 1999, fans still remaining in Los Angeles have been waiting to see that happen again in California. It’s not surprising, but it is quite the sight to see. Aside from their endless supply of weapons on offense, they look downright scary on defense. Aaron Donald practically single handedly took care of the rival 49ers this past week with 4 sacks. There are still a few weak spots, but they are hiding them very well against lesser opponents. Two of their next four opponents will be New Orleans and Kansas City. Circle those two matchups on your calendar.

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