Week 1 Review of the NFL


Anything But A Tie

Maybe it was the fact of being featured on this season’s version of Hard Knocks on HBO, but the Cleveland Browns played a good game. They matched up against their division rival, the Pittsburgh Steelers at home. The ‘Dog Pound’ was barking and the Browns defense forced six Steelers turnovers, five of them coming from Ben Roethlisberger. The only problem with this game was its outcome. A freaking tie. Officially it isn’t a loss, but it sure feels like it was. There were opportunities, including in overtime to win it, but neither team wanted to. Maybe next time they play, they’ll actually want to win the game.

One QB Makes All The Difference

Seeing Green Bay Packers QB Aaron Rodgers go down with an apparent leg/knee injury Sunday night, immediately every Packers fan yelled, “oh no. we suck again.” Their prayers were answered as Rodgers made his way back to the playing field in the second half and that changed everything. Somehow the Chicago Bears couldn’t put any consistent pressure on him anymore. Their offense was stagnant and Green Bay’s offense actually looked potent. Even with a clearly hobbling Rodgers in the pocket. I’ve seen him do this before. Playing with an injured calf muscle a few years back. This time being a knee is a different story though and one that the Packers better deal with carefully.

‘Fitzbeard The Pirate’

That’s Ryan Fitzpatrick’s nickname and I’m sticking to it. What else can you say after he had arguably his best game of his career. It should come as no surprise since he has the likes of Mike Evans, DeSean Jackson, O.J. Howard and Chris Godwin to throw to. Evans and Jackson each had over 140 yards receiving. And both had a catch for over 50 yards. Oh, and Fitzpatrick ran the ball 12 times, 12! For 36 yards and a touchdown. If by some miracle the Buccaneers are undefeated by the time Jameis Winston’s suspension is up, there is no way they bench Fitzpatrick for him. The head coach, Dirk Koetter said as much that they will go with the hot hand if that should happen. It certainly could after that performance.

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