Recap of the Divisional Playoffs


Oh So Close

Atlanta had a pretty good opportunity to score the go-ahead touchdown, but it went right through the hands of Julio Jones. It would have been a tough score either way if he did catch it. Keeping both feet in bounds would have been pretty miraculous. Philadelphia didn’t wow anyone on offense, but they did control the ball with their running game and kept the Falcons offense in check. If the Eagles are to advance to the Super Bowl, they’ll have to put up more points in convincing fashion.

Seven In A Row

I wonder if New England Patriots fans’ are getting tired of seeing their team constantly in the AFC Championship game? The rest of the AFC I’m sure is tired of it, but they haven’t been able to do anything about it for seven years now. The Tennessee Titans did score first on a 95-yard drive, but they couldn’t keep the Patriots out of the endzone for 35 unanswered points. New England had another perfect gameplan for the Titans and it will be interesting to see how they matchup against the leagues best defense in Jacksonville next Sunday.

Left No Doubt

I was and yet, I wasn’t surprised that the Jacksonville Jaguars jumped out to a 21-0 lead on the Pittsburgh Steelers. Their defense set them up to win from the start and the Steelers were playing catch up the entire game. It got close towards the end, but the Jaguars going up 42-28 with just over four minutes left in the game was just too much for Pittsburgh. It goes to show you that at this time in the NFL season, a high scoring offense doesn’t do you any good against an elite defense.

Yes, That Happened

This game was the perfect example of why you don’t stop watching, nor do you leave early because you never what you will miss. The Minnesota Vikings shouldn’t have scored that touchdown and the New Orleans Saints shouldn’t have allowed that to happen the way it did. ‘The Minneapolis Miracle’ as it’s now being called was quite the unexpected ending to that game. The Vikings were in control for the first three quarters, but lost control in the fourth. The Saints scoring 17 points in the last quarter should have been enough to win it, but credit to the Vikings for not quitting at the end. Now they’re just one win away from playing at home for the Super Bowl.

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