Week 6 Review of the NFL


Now Hiring

Would you be willing to say that the Green Bay Packers are no longer contenders after losing Aaron Rodgers to a broken collarbone? It’s an almost 100% guarantee that they won’t be making the playoffs now without him. This isn’t to say that his backup Brett Hundley isn’t capable, but we just don’t know at this moment if he is ready. He has been Rodgers’ backup since he was drafted in the 5th round in 2015. He has one touchdown and four interceptions on his resume. The truth hurts sometimes and it could be that the Packers season has ended with the loss of Aaron Rodgers.

A Wild One In The Dome

New Orleans was up 45-10 with 8:34 left in the 3rd quarter. Game over at that point right? The Detroit Lions proceeded to score four consecutive touchdowns to make it a 45-38 Saints lead with 6:41 left in the game. Luckily for the Saints, they intercepted Matthew Stafford in his own endzone for a touchdown to put a halt to the Lions comeback chances. Two things were confirmed in this contest; the Saints defense is still awful and the Lions can’t be counted out of any game no matter the score.

A Change In Scenery

It didn’t make any sense to me when it was announced and when the season was underway it still didn’t. Why did the New Orleans Saints sign Adrian Peterson in the first place? They already had Mark Ingram and drafted Alvin Kamara in the third round when they signed Peterson. In todays NFL, it pays to have a good duo or trio, but Peterson is among the best that have played the running back position. It came as no shock that he was dealt to a team that desperately needed help at running back. Arizona made the wise move acquiring Peterson and he didn’t disappoint with 134 yards rushing and two touchdowns in their win against Tampa Bay. This could be the spark that gets Arizona back in the drivers seat to the top of the NFC.

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