Week 5 Review of the NFL


Green Is Not Their Favorite Color

It was another high scoring affair between the Green Bay Packers and the Dallas Cowboys. And once again, the Cowboys were bitten in the end by giving Aaron Rodgers time to convert another game winning drive. Both of these teams are flawed in the sense that if they match up with another high powered offense, their defenses can’t hold them under 30 points.  This doesn’t mean the Cowboys season is over, but they need to figure out how to close these kinds of games fast. They will have many more of these this year and the Packers won’t be the toughest opponent. Green Bay proceeds with even more confidence and that will help when they try to keep Minnesota and Detroit at bat in their division.

They Could Keep This Up

Not only did I think the Kansas City Chiefs wouldn’t win their opening night game against the New England Patriots, but I didn’t have them making the playoffs. It’s still too early to declare them a playoff team, but when you start a season 5-0, it’s kind of hard to say you won’t be. It was a one-sided affair Sunday night against the Houston Texans, even though Deshaun Watson had another outstanding game for them. The Chiefs offense was in control the entire way and gave their defense plenty of rest. The amount of plays the Chiefs have at their disposal is amazing. Opposing defenses’ hardly have a chance. While they won’t be going undefeated, the Chiefs will certainly be a team to watch going forward.

Quite The Performance

By no means did I think this game was going to be a cake walk for the Pittsburgh Steelers. However, I did think that with them playing at home that they wouldn’t lose to the Jacksonville Jaguars. Ben Roethlisberger throwing 5 interceptions was quite the surprise. That was pretty much the reason the Jaguars were able to only allow 9 points to the Steelers. Rookie RB Leonard Fournette was the right pick for Jacksonville with his 90-yard touchdown late in the 4th quarter and his 181-yard rushing performance. Sure, all the talk was about the Steelers performance, but give some credit to the Jaguars. They made the plays and only had one turnover as opposed to the five they forced from Pittsburgh.

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