Week 5 Review of the NFL



Should Tony Romo Play?

It’s a question that needs to be asked. Cowboys owner Jerry Jones has already answered the question by saying that Romo is still the starting quarterback when he returns. Of course he has to say that as he is paying him a ton of money. I tend to agree with that line of thinking. Why? What’s to say Romo doesn’t break another bone or has a concussion. Enter Dak Prescott and all is well for those saying don’t you dare put Tony Romo back on the field. Relax Cowboys fan.


All Is Well In Foxboro

It’s amazing to see that nothing has changed when Tom Brady walked back onto the football field. Throwing for 406 yards and 3 touchdowns just doesn’t seem fair. With his return coming against the winless Cleveland Browns it didn’t seem out of the question that Brady would put up solid stats. What I didn’t expect was a 400 yard and 3 touchdown performance. The rest of the AFC needs to be on notice.


It’s Deja Vu In Atlanta

Last season the Atlanta Falcons started the season 5-1. They are in danger of doing that again. Why would that be dangerous? Because if history gives us any lesson, it’s that the Falcons finished last season 3-7 and missed the playoffs after a 5-1 start. As of now they are 4-1. If they beat Seattle on their home turf, then I will start to think differently of their chances of making some noise for a playoff run. If they lose the juror is still out.

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