Week 3 Review of the NFL



The Classic Pretender

It seems that once the Houston Texans franchise became a contender, they would always manage to squander their opportunity when they would play the New England Patriots.

That was evident Thursday night when they couldn’t do anything right. Offense, defense and special teams couldn’t get anything right. Turnovers at the worst possible time and the defense would manage to allow the Patriots offense countless chances to keep moving the ball down the field. All this mind you with the Patriots third string quarterback leading the offense. You want to see the definition of pretender at this point in the season? Look no further than the Houston Texans.


It Actually Lived Up To The Hype

We all know what happened last year between Josh Norman and Odell Beckham Jr. We all expected something similar, but ultimately I just wanted to see a good matchup between two of the best at their respective positions. It sure didn’t disappoint. Beckham was stymied in the first half with only two catches, but woke up in the second half. Josh Norman’s Washington Redskins team had the last laugh though with two interceptions of Eli Manning late in the game that sealed the victory. When these two meet again in Washington I hope it will be as good as the one in New York.


The Best Of The Undefeated’s

Look no further than the team that everyone was writing off when Teddy Bridgewater went down before the season began with a devastating knee injury that ended his season before it began. Even when Adrian Peterson went down last week with a knee injury of his own, the Vikings still beat their division rival the Green Bay Packers. Their new starting quarterback, Sam Bradford has looked great in his two starts this year. Minnesota’s biggest reason why they are among the undefeated teams is because of their outstanding defense. Cam Newton of the Carolina Panthers was sacked 8 times and threw 3 interceptions. One of the best up and coming receivers in the NFL, Kelvin Benjamin had only one target and no catches. You better believe the Vikings are still in the hunt to play in January.

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