Putting It To Rest



Here’s what most likely happened before the 2015 AFC Championship game between the Indianapolis Colts and the New England Patriots. I did not read the Ted Wells report nor do I have any interest in reading it. Tom Brady, like almost every quarterback that has ever played in the NFL, prefers to have a softer football. He told some equipment guys for the Patriots to ensure the footballs were set up to his personal preference.

There you have it. I just saved you the trouble of having to watch ESPN, NFL Network or Fox Sports to find out what really happened.

Now there are two sides to this story with the release of the investigation and the punishment being handed down to the New England Patriots and their QB Tom Brady.

One side believes that the Patriots and Brady have always been cheaters and deserve what ever punishment comes their way. The other side believes there is some kind of witch hunt going on to punish the Patriots who have been under the skin of many other teams for the better part of a decade.

Lets be perfectly clear about a few things.

One. It is a rule that the home team is in charge of the footballs for that game. The game officials do inspect the footballs, but obviously the NFL needs to change its policy to not allow any of the teams to be in charge of the game balls.

Two. Did it really have an impact on that particular game? Andrew Luck was using the same footballs and the Colts couldn’t do anything from the first snap of the game.

Regardless of its impact on a game the NFL clearly stated that a rule was broken and the Patriots along with Brady have been severely punished. Many have rightly pointed out that Brady is getting suspended for more games than Ray Rice did in his initial suspension for smacking his wife in an elevator.

Dealing with football related matters is right up the NFL’s alley and while they took a long time to finally release a report about this, they clearly don’t care who is at the center of it with Brady having just won a fourth Super Bowl title.

Surely Tom Brady is going to fight his suspension with an appeal. Will he get his suspension reduced? We’ll have to wait and see.

Can we all agree that a rule was broken and the NFL like any other major sport will not tolerate it when it was pretty obvious. They were caught spying on teams back in 2007 and rightfully punished for it. They were caught deflating footballs back in January 2015 and have been punished for it.

Don’t fool yourself in thinking that this was the first time a team has done this. It was the first time a team was caught doing it. The NFL needs to be in total control of the footballs going forward. Tom Brady is still a great quarterback who will now have a few blemishes to his Hall of Fame career.

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