My Newest Venture

I’m pleased to inform you that I have a new home on the world wide web.  The newest 24/7 sports network promises to be both an informative and fan friendly source of news from the world of sports.  I will still be writing my usual opinionated posts here on my website and now on the Final Score’s website as well.
A brand new radio network will be starting later this summer.  I’m looking forward to debuting my new radio show for the Final Score Sports Network.  Stay tuned for updates.  In the meantime bookmark and continue to check back here at for my insight and analysis on all things sports.


2 thoughts on “My Newest Venture

  1. Good Afternoon,

    We have a few openings for our Los Angeles Influencer/ Blogger Night on July 30th as part of our Dodgers Digital Series, and we would love for you to attend! Monday’s event includes a ticket to the Dodgers Digital Suite and a Dodgers experience built for you. We know it's last minute, but please let me know if you can make it and do not hesitate to call.

    Thank you,


    Josh Tucker | Social Media Coordinator
    Los Angeles Dodgers
    Phone: (323) 224-2691
    Cell: (310) 994-1953 |

  2. Afternoon Josh,

    I am greatly appreciative of you inviting me for the Influencer/Blogger Night at Dodger Stadium on July 30th. Unfortunately I will not be able to attend the game. I hope the night goes well for you and the rest of the staff. Thank you again for the invitation and good luck the rest of the season.

    Weston Komathy

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