Super Bowl Prediction

* – Division Winner
+ – Wild Card Winner
1. New England Patriots*
2. Pittsburgh Steelers*
3. Indianapolis Colts*
4. San Diego Chargers*
5. New York Jets+
6. Baltimore Ravens+
1. Green Bay Packers*
2. Philadelphia Eagles*
3. Atlanta Falcons*
4. St. Louis Rams*
5. New Orleans Saints+
6. Dallas Cowboys+
Wild Card
Ravens over Colts
Jets over Chargers
Falcons over Cowboys
Saints over Rams
Divisional Round
Jets over Steelers
Patriots over Ravens
Packers over Saints
Eagles over Falcons
Championship Round
Patriots over Jets
Packers over Eagles
Super Bowl 46

Packers over Patriots

Yes there will be a repeat champion in the NFL.  It hasn’t happened since the New England Patriots back in 2003-2004.  Green Bay is extremely blessed to have so much depth at many key positions. Only a devastating injury to QB Aaron Rodgers would hurt their chances.  Title town will hoist the Lombardi trophy for the 5th time in franchise history.

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