Week 15 Review of the NFL


Tim Tebow’s debut

So what do we take away from the debut of Mr. Tebow?  Well, for one that it was about time the Broncos played him.  Not that he would help them, but from the standpoint of spending a first round pick on him.  Josh McDaniels is out and the interim coach Eric Studesville has nothing to lose or gain by playing him.  His stat line wasn’t bad at all.  It was pretty good.  Eight completions for 138 yards and a touchdown pass.  He also ran for 78 yards and scored a touchdown on the ground.  His last game in college showed me that he was worth a look at quarterback when he threw for over 400 yards against Cincinnati in the Sugar Bowl.  The Broncos still need to work out the kinks in Tebow, but they might have something should they bring in the right coach to help further his career.  He’s a proven winner and that’s what Denver needs right now is someone who wants to win.  Does Kyle Orton or Brady Quinn do that for them?

So, who wants it?

The question is what’s “it”?  A division title?  A conference championship?  Or the Super Bowl title?  This past week has shown that there are a few teams ready for all of the above and some that have fallen flat.  The Giants epic collapse at home against the Eagles has put them on the outside looking in.  The Jaguars had the division title in their grasp, but couldn’t finish the job in Indianapolis.  The Jets came back to life on the road in Pittsburgh.  They prefer to play on the road with a 6-1 record this year.  Tampa Bay is still alive for a playoff spot, but allowed the Detroit Lions to end their win less streak on the road in overtime.  Chicago won their division on Monday night.  Atlanta, New England and Pittsburgh already have a playoff spot clinched, but time is running out for them to clinch a first round bye.

The stretch run

Week 16 has a slew of games that have playoff implications.  Don’t bother watching the Thursday or Christmas day games.  Lets face it, there’s no point in watching anything other than the final score of those two games.

San Francisco (5-9) vs. St. Louis (6-8)
Does anyone want to win the NFC West?  This game will probably decide it once and for all.  Or the Niners will win and insure a team with a losing record makes the playoffs.  Anything can happen.

Baltimore (10-4) vs. Cleveland (5-9)
The Browns hate the Ravens and this would make their season if they prevent the Ravens from winning the AFC North.  Baltimore needs to keep pace with Pittsburgh who will be hosting Carolina on Thursday night.

NY Jets (10-4) vs. Chicago (10-4)
The Bears had an easy win against the Minnesota Vikings.  The Jets regained some lost confidence with a win at Pittsburgh.  Chicago has nothing to play for, except seeding, but the Jets have a better road record (6-1) than Chicago’s home record (4-3).

Washington (5-9) vs. Jacksonville (8-6)
The Jaguars failed to win the AFC South once already and will need to avoid a letdown.  The Redskins nearly beat the Cowboys with Rex Grossman and might be primed for an upset victory against a playoff hopeful.

Tennessee (6-8) vs. Kansas City (9-5)
The Chiefs are sporting a perfect record at home this year.  With a big road victory over St. Louis last week they want to clinch the AFC West as soon as possible.  The Titans played up to par against division rival Houston.  They want to finish the season 8-8 to salvage a disappointing year.

Indianapolis (8-6) vs. Oakland (7-7)
What looked to be an easy win for the Colts at the beginning of the year, it now looks like a Oakland win if they can run the ball more effectively than Jacksonville did last week.  The Colts need to be perfect on defense and Oakland will need to keep the ball out of Peyton’s hands.

NY Giants (9-5) vs. Green Bay (8-6)
If Aaron Rodgers plays, the Packers should be in good shape.  If not, the Giants should be more at ease.  They need this game more than Green Bay, but both are fighting for a playoff spot.  This is the number two game to watch this week.

Seattle (6-8) vs. Tampa Bay (8-6)
They both still have a chance at a playoff spot.  The Seahawks need to win out and so do the Buccaneers.  It will come down to who wants it more.  I’d say Tampa Bay, but that was the case against Detroit.

New Orleans (10-4) vs. Atlanta (12-2)
The Saints were within one game of the Falcons until their defeat at Baltimore.  The Falcons win and the NFC South is theirs.  The defending champions against the possible NFC champions.  What a way to end Week 16.

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