10. Baseketball


Some won’t classify this picture as a “sports” movie.  Why?  I don’t know.  I mean, yes it does involve a made up sport that has never existed.  But when I describe this movie to someone who has neve seen it.  I usually say, “it involves two guys who are losers until one day they make up a sport that helps them become sports stars.”  Isn’t that the whole point of the movie?  The main characters are playing a sport albeit a made up one.

Now before I saw this movie, I never saw a single second of South Park.  Even more shocking is that both Trey Parker and Matt Stone, the stars of this movie, didn’t even write or direct this movie.  David Zucker directed Baseketball.  He directed the first Naked Gun movie, which includes probably the best 30 minute parody of a baseball game ever.  See it for yourself.  Anyway with Baseketball, you get a good dose of comedy and an interesting cast.

Jenny McCarthy (pictured in the middle) is in the movie.  Without giving anything away, she is some pretty funny scenes.  Yasmine Bleeth, mostly known for Baywatch is also in the movie.  Ernest Borgnine and Robert Vaughn play two of the owners in the Baseketball league.  You will also see Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, Dale Earnhardt Sr., Reggie Jackson, Kenny Mayne and Dan Patrick make some cameo appearances.  By far the most entertaining part of the supporting cast was what Bob Costas and Al Michaels were saying as the play-by-play guys.  Never thought I would’ve heard those say the things they said.

Now to help make my case for this movie I’m going to include a little part of the movie that I think sums it up the best.  The character Robert Vaughn is playing is named Baxter Cain and the one Matt Stone is playing is named Douglas “Swish” Reemer.

Baxter Cain: Do you think Shaq got rich playing in Orlando? Hardly, he made his fortune moving to L.A. You know how much he makes now?

Doug Reemer: As much as he made playing in college?

Cain: What? No, a lot more! Big money, and you can too!

Reemer: Would I have to quit baseketball?

Cain: What? No, I need you to get Coop to go along!

Reemer: He’d have to quit baseketball too?

Cain: [Dumbfounded, holding his head in pain] Ehhh… ahh.
Reemer: Did I just fart?

Now I should have prefaced this, but this top 10 list is sports movies that I’ve seen.  Not what others recommend, but only what my eyes have seen and that I truly enjoy.  If you haven’t seen this movie, go to Blockbuster…oh…right, they’re bankrupt.  Then netflix it, pirate the movie, however you go about seeing it.  Watch it once and let me know what you think.  Be forewarned, the movie is rated R, but you will enjoy it.

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