Idiocy Reigns Supreme

 I like most fans will cheer or egg on a fan who has run onto the baseball field because I know I won’t be the one going to the slammer right after his 15 seconds of fame.  Most of the time the fan is tackled rather poorly by the rent-a-cops who are out of shape.  Rarely will you get to see a guy get pummeled or even slammed by a mascot.  Those are the best.  I now have a new favorite.  Tasered.
The genius pictured above, who shall remain nameless because he has gotten enough publicity, has caused a stir with him being tased by the police officer also pictured above.  I love it.  Simply from a fans and safety perspective.  If you’re not drunk or just plain stupid, you will now think twice about jumping the fence and running onto the field.  I could watch that video over and over again on youtube.  I only wish the idiot had a funnier fall when he was zapped.
Unfortunately in this politically correct society right now, we have to worry about the idiots safety.  My question is why?  I’m not for beating the crap out of the guy, but those who cried brutality acted like he was shot or beaten with a night stick.  That would be an extreme, but getting an electric shock is the same thing.  Please.  It is the safest thing for both the runner and the ones chasing.  Who could argue against that?
Enter the everyone should have a right to do whatever they want whenever they want crowd.  Pennsylvania Governor Ed Rendell is part of that crowd.  For him to question the officer’s action is an insult.  He’s protecting your fellow citizens Governor.  The ball players.  Why should we have fences?  As a matter of fact why should we even have nets behind home plate?  That’s as much sense as this makes to me.
Let me remind those who don’t want quick action to remove these rule breakers of a few incidents that definitely warranted at least a taser.  Tennis star Monica Seles was stabbed on the court by a fan in 1993.  Kansas City Royals first base coach at the time Tom Gamboa being beaten by a drunken father and son at Cellular Field in 2002.  The Pacers-Pistons brawl at the Palace in 2004.
Every single one of those incidents warranted that kind of action seen in Philadelphia.  Would tasing those people have stopped or even slowed them down?  Probably not.  All I’m saying is don’t yell and scream that it was wrong and don’t you dare say that he’s just a 17 year old learning a lesson.  So what.  If my son (don’t have one) calls and says I’m gonna go onto the baseball field.  My response, “prepare to be tased and you can bail yourself out.”  Harsh sure, but my son would know better.  I hope this kid does.  Too bad he learned it the hard way.

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