The Modern Athlete Will Never Get It


A picture is worth a thousand words. Athletes now a days have it all. Fame, fortune and notoriety. We are quick to judge them on a bad game. A stupid comment. Or perhaps when they break the law. In Gilbert Arenas’ case, he has apparently done all of the above minus the bad game and replacing it with being an idiot.

Commissioner David Stern suspended Gilbert yesterday indefinitely without pay until the conclusion of the NBA’s investigation into his alleged incident in the Wizards locker room with teammate Javaris Crittenton. Now how this story all came about took more turns than Tiger Woods did in his driveway on Thanksgiving. Gilbert says that he received permission from the Wizards to keep his four guns (notice I said four) at the Verizon Center locker room. After that, he and Crittenton were having an argument over a gambling debt Gilbert owed him. Crittenton allegedly pulled out his own gun, chambered a round, but did not point it at Gilbert. Now after the reports were revealed, a criminal investigation had started. That’s when Gilbert started to do what only “Agent Zero” knows how to do. Be funny.

Now he went on his twitter account (which I do not follow) to laugh off the event and make fun of the media storm that had started over it. I do not care what he says on his twitter account, but what I do care about is the arrogance he has shown over the event. It wasn’t more than eight months ago that WR Plaxico Burress shot himself with a hand gun that wasn’t registered in the state of New York. He has since been sentenced to two years in prison. We thought that was the greatest example for the modern athlete. This statement should be played through their heads before they go somewhere:

“If I have to take my gun with me, do I really need to go?”

My biggest problem is that Arenas never got it. He released a lawyered apology for the incident. Then proceeded to make fun of it (pictured above) before the Wizards game Tuesday night. After the game, he said that his teammates were telling him to do the finger pistol display. He of course had to apologize for it and was still joking with reporters saying he is more scared of Commissioner Stern than the police investigators because the commissioner is “mean.” The following morning Stern came down on Arenas with the only form of punishment suitable for the situation. Stern said something very poignant in his statement:

“Although it is clear that the actions of Mr. Arenas will ultimately result in a substantial suspension, and perhaps worse, his ongoing conduct has led me to conclude that he is not currently fit to take the court in an NBA game.”

“Perhaps worse.” Does that mean possibly Gilbert’s contract could be voided? Who knows. That possibility is there and for what. A stupid incident that could have been avoided. Is it really worth it to throw everything away for storing your guns at your employers facility? If I asked my boss:

“Is it all right if I store my shotgun in the storage closet? I don’t want my newborn to be sleeping next to it because I kept it in the crib.”

I can imagine what the reaction would be and I can assure you I probably wouldn’t be working there anymore. If it is true that the Wizards were asked and agreed to let Arenas store his guns in his locker. There should be some layoffs galore at that franchise. I mean this is a slap in the face to owner Abe Polin’s memory. Abe changed the nickname of the team from the Bullets to the Wizards because of gun violence. Now in a terrible sense of irony, the threat of it has entered the teams locker room. For Gilbert to try and laugh it off is an outrage. He does need to sit for a while and hope this is the most severe punishment he gets out of it.

Now this isn’t the end of this story by a long shot. Until the police and NBA are done with their investigations, it will still be a top story. We still don’t know about Crittenton’s involvement if it is true about him bringing his own gun. New Jersey Nets guard Devin Harris said that 70-75 percent of NBA players carry guns. That is a staggering number. Question you need to ask yourself is, are you really surprised? This is not a knock on owning a gun. It is your inalienable right to own a gun. It is also your responsibility to know the laws in your state about owning a gun. I understand the need for the people who are constantly in the public view to protect themselves and their family. I get that. What I don’t get is how you think you are invincible to your actions. Crittenton deserves the same wrath if what he did is true. The Wizards need to clean house (not roster related) and root out the retards allowing this. Gilbert can think of a new nickname while he is away. Agent Zero doesn’t suit him anymore.

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