Vick gets reinstated (sort of), Is Pete Rose Hall Bound?, MLB Deadline Winners/Losers

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Brett Favre has decided not to come back to the NFL, at least until November 6. “Big Liar”, I mean David Ortiz and his former teammate Manny Ramirez both tested positive for PED’s in the anonymous 2003 test. Meanwhile I have no intention of changing my mind over and over again on about almost anything. I will admit that I tested positive for not being surprised that “Big Poopy” as I’ve jokingly called him, was caught and neither should he.

Goodell gives Vick another chance

If you are a convicted felon, whatever it was that you did, and you had a great job that you could eventually be in upper management, would you get your job back when you got out of prison? The obvious answer is no. Now that was John or Jane Doe. I’m not going to name names, (Terrel Owens, Chris Johnson, Steve Smith, Jamal Anderson, Takeo Spikes and Antonio Cromartie), oh. Well since they twitted that they are disappointed and feel that Vick has served his punishment, he should be allowed to play without more obstacles. Yes I do agree that he has served his debt to society, but does he get his job back like nothing had happened?

Commissioner Roger Goodell, I’ve said before has laid down the law of the league on many players. He got it right in this case to. Now if he had suspended him the entire season, that would be excessive. Goodell is running a business as we all know and realizes this man has served his time in prison, but also knows that he should not get a free pass. If he gives one to Vick, everything he has done before goes right out the window and he can never get it back. Vick could be back before Week 6 of the NFL season, but has to get his life back together before football. Vick is getting a second chance and those that choose to say it isn’t enough are not looking at the big picture. He got his job back and is on a short leash (pardon the pun).

Pete Rose is denied

Pete Rose is by all accounts a great player, but probably not a great person. Character is something that Hall of Fame voters take into account when they vote. Pete has lost some of that. Everyone got all excited when it was reported that Bud Selig might consider reinstating the banished “Hit King.” The key word was “might.” And the very next day the report was shot down that there was no chance he would be brought back. I do believe Rose belongs in the Hall of Fame. Will it realistically happen, no. Rose had his chance five years ago when Commissioner Bud Selig was legitimately thinking about bringing him back. Pete however decided to release a book that very year admitting he bet on the game and embarrassed Selig in the process for considering putting Rose back in. I see why he should be brought back, but in the wake of the steroid era that still is being played out, Rose needs to stay out. If you bring him back, the precedent will be for nothing. You better let the Black Sox players back in if you bring him back. Pete Rose made his decision a long time ago. That shouldn’t be anyone elses’ to make.

MLB Trade Deadline

With the amount of trades that happened today I will only focus on four and give you my winners and losers of MLB trade deadline 2009. I hope no one watched the seven, yes seven hour coverage of the deadline on MLB network. Those guys were gassed by the second hour.

July 24

Cardinals acquire OF Matt Holliday from the Athletics for 3 Minor Leaguers

The Cards got the bat to protect Albert Pujols for the playoff run. Oakland was going nowhere fast and had to unload Holliday or risk losing him for nothing in the offseason. The Athletics will be in full rebuild mode going into the 2010 season and got a good piece in 3B/1B Brett Wallace for the future. This is an instant upgrade as Holliday has batted .520 with 6 RBI’s in seven games. Will St. Louis be able to keep Holliday will be the interesting question, but for now the Cards are going to battle the Cubs, Astros and Brewers for the division title.

July 29

Phillies acquire P Cliff Lee and OF Ben Francisco from the Indians for 4 Minor Leaguers

The Phillies are now the favorites to win the National League. Hands down a great trade. They gave Cleveland four prospects that Toronto wasn’t even asking for in their Roy Halladay discussions. With Lee in a rotation with Cole Hamels, Joe Blanton, J.A. Happ and Jamie Moyer. Not to mention Pedro Martinez. The Phillies can go six/seven deep in their starting rotation right now. Lee, like Halladay is a Cy Young winner and under contract through next season, brings even more finesse to a solid staff looking to repeat. Cleveland got the catcher of the future in Lou Marson along with a starter in Carlos Carrasco. The Indians got good value for a pitcher that they probably weren’t going to keep past next season. Example: C.C. Sabathia last year.

July 31

White Sox acquire P Jake Peavy from the Padres for 4 Minor Leaguers

Now a very similar trade was proposed a few months ago that would’ve brought Peavy to Chicago. Peavy nixed the trade, but now had a change of heart. Why? That is puzzling and again not surprising. With San Diego hell bent on unloading payroll, again, Peavy saw a chance to get out. The White Sox took the opportunity to take another crack at getting him and succeeded. San Diego got four pitchers for Peavy who only two, Aaron Poreda and Clayton Richard can start now. Will they replace a Jake Peavy, no. Peavy, to add another twist is on the DL with a bum ankle. The White Sox wanted him badly and are looking to the future. Mainly the postseason because they are still in the Central division race with the Twins and Tigers.

July 31

Red Sox acquire C/1B Victor Martinez from the Indians for P Justin Masterson and 2 Minor Leaguers

Boston had to acquire someone. They tried to get Halladay. They tried to get 1B Adrian Gonzalez from San Diego. They settled for the simple deal and landed Martinez. A great switch hitter who will add some needed pop to their lineup. Cleveland got great pitching from Boston. Masterson has plenty of experience and the other two, Nick Hagadone and Bryan Price are well on their way to the bigs. The Indians again like with Cliff Lee, realized they couldn’t keep him long term and got good value for him. It is sad to see a team lose their best pitcher and hitter on the same day, but the small market teams eventually do make it out of the cellar. Example: Rays, Marlins, Twins, Rockies.

Phillies, Cardinals, Any Pirate player traded this season

The Phillies went out and grabbed the defending Cy Young winner from the American League and didn’t give up nearly what Toronto was asking for Roy Halladay. The NL East is practically there’s to lose. If the bats continue to stay hot and healthy they will not have to look over their shoulders like the Mets did the last two seasons. The Cardinals struck first with their acquisition of Matt Holliday from Oakland. He gives them the cleanup bat they’ve desperately needed. Pujols might now have a shot at the triple crown, even though I think he won’t get it. With their solid pitching they have a great chance of taking away the NL Central from the Cubs. Sorry J.R. Lets face it, every Pirate player that was traded this season is jumping for joy. They are headed for a sports record 17th consecutive losing season. Below a .500 winning percentage for that long is a very hard thing to do. Just ask the 0-16 Lions from last year. Congrats to those that won’t have to be there for the sadness in Pittsburgh.

Blue Jays, Padres, Pirates

Toronto couldn’t trade P Roy Halladay and it was mainly the fact that they wanted too much and teams weren’t willing to give them that price. It’s strange considering that Roy Halladay is a difference maker, even though he only plays every fifth day. Looking at it long term, the teams that couldn’t get a deal done will regret it and Toronto will regret taking the best offer it got because you won’t see it come winter. San Diego is now slowly joining the ranks of Pittsburgh, Kansas City and Washington. They have taken a huge PR hit for trading their best pitcher when they already tried to earlier in the season. Closer Heath Bell and 1B Adrian Gonzalez were also shopped at the deadline, but San Diego seems to be setting up a preview of whats to come this winter when they unload them for prospects. What else can I say the Pirates are a habitually losing franchise that doesn’t seem to have an ownership and management group that cares and a fan base that has abandoned baseball altogether in the great city of Pittsburgh. For shame.


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