MLB Roundup

Yankees Pitcher A.J. Burnett Suspended 6 Games

Thanks to a brew haha started by Rangers Pitcher Vicente Padilla earlier this week, who was also released by Texas, A.J. Burnett was popped for 6 games. Essentially one start, which Burnett replied by appealing the suspension. Now the fact that Padilla only got fined and not suspended for being the instigator in this is wrong. In a previous column I wrote back in April called, “Beckett Needs to Wake Up,” I explained that those who throw at a guy’s head are dirty players. Now Burnett does not have a history of this, but I do stand by my comments. You don’t throw near a guy’s dome. Never ever. Padilla did not throw at Yankees first baseman Mark Teixeira’s head. He plunked him on the arm, then the behind. The stats show that Padilla has plunked the most batters among active pitchers in the last couple seasons. Now Padilla should have been suspended too, but I’m not as upset because he lost his job as a result. Good for the Rangers in releasing him and good for Baseball to continue to punish the head hunters. CORRECTION 06/07/2009: I misspoke when I said Padilla was released. He was put on outright waivers and was not claimed. He is still with the Rangers.

Glavine treated like garbage by Braves

I don’t get too involved with ball clubs personnel decisions unless it involves my favorite team. I’m a fan just like you. If they let a guy go, it was probably for the right reason. I can’t in good conscious go along with the Atlanta Braves decision this week. Soon to be Hall of Fame pitcher Tom Glavine pitches in two rehab games at Single A for the Braves. Combined eleven innings of scoreless baseball, but it was Single A players mind you. Putting that aside, the Braves let him go through rehab for his elbow and shoulder all the time expecting when he was done he would be back with the club to finish his career where it started. Unsuspecting to Glavine, the Braves were going to release him anyway it seems. Atlanta’s chairman Terry McGuirk has said, “I know they had a very tough time but it was purely and only on the merits of what gave us the best chance to win, no financial interest whatsoever involved.” Tom Glavine was going to receive a million dollar bonus for being on the active roster. If finance wasn’t going to be the reason, then why put him through the rehab with the hopes of getting back in the show? Glavine has replied, “I told those guys if it’s about you have better options, then tell me you have better options, I have listened the last day and a half about how bad I am, how bad I pitched and how I can’t get anybody out in the big leagues. I’ve heard all that stuff. I don’t agree with it.” Bottom line, Atlanta should have seen if Tom could get big leaguers out or don’t even let him go through the rehab assignment. How much does Tom not want to go into the Hall as Brave now?

Sammy Sooser Returns

Slammin’ Sammy has returned to the headlines to announce his impending retirement. It hasn’t been an official retirement the past two years? This really is no surprise to me, but what is a surprise is the fact that Sosa has learned English again. “Everything I achieved, I did it thanks to my perseverance, which is why I never had any long, difficult moments [as a baseball player]. If you have a bad day in baseball, and start thinking about it, you will have 10 more,” said Sosa. He went onto his Hall of Fame status, “I will calmly wait for my induction to the Baseball Hall of Fame. Don’t I have the numbers to be inducted?” You do have the numbers Sammy, but you also need to explain some things. Why did you forget to speak English in front of Congress? Why did you really need to cork your bat? Why did you abandon your teammates on the last day of a losing season? He will be put into the same cloud of proven steroid users and circumstantial users. It will be the Steroid Era now and forever. Sosa and others might eventually get in, but how long will it take or will it ever happen? We won’t know for a few more years. We know “Baseball has been berry good to you,” but will Baseball return the favor?

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