Cuban is a Joke, Stan Van has got to go, Delaware the new Vegas?


I like the kind of owner that won’t lie down with his checkbook. That includes George Steinbrenner, Jerry Jones, Daniel Snyder. The kind of owner that wants to win. That includes Artie Moreno, Arthur Blank, and that does include Al Davis. The good days of Al Davis. With what Mark Cuban has done with that once miserable and worthless franchise in Dallas is nothing short of remarkable. I had respect for this man who has shown that an owner can show his emotions on his sleeves for his team. That’s the flaw with competitive sports. The emotion can sometimes be too much for one person at that particular time. Owner or fan.

That respect disappeared when he went off on a Denver Nuggets fan in Dallas after Game 3. That fan happened to be Kenyon Martin’s mom. Just before Mother’s Day ironically. The controversy at the end of that game shouldn’t be a controversy. If Mr. Antoine Wright wrapped not slapped at Carmelo Anthony this conversation wouldn’t be happening. Kenyon of course took offense to Mr. Cuban and said “he would take care of it.” Now I don’t know if Mark ever tried to approach Kenyon after that game to apologize, but he should have made more of an effort. Apologizing on your blog instead of face to face is a bit disingenuous. You need to act like your an owner of an NBA team for goodness sake. Grow up Cuban. Admit your mistake to the man and his mom, not online.

Ron Jeremy… uh I mean Stan Van Gundy of the Orlando Magic has been criticizing his team all season long. Specifically Dwight Howard. Now I don’t see any flaws in his game, but that’s why I’m here and Stan is where he is. Shaq called him the “master of panic” a few months ago. Seemed pretty funny back then, but it seems the Big Aristotle was right on. The Magic should have wrapped their series with the Celtics a long time ago. A game four fourth quarter lead was blown in Orlando and they lost. The same in game five up at the Garden.

Now when asked about the Magic fans being panic stricken after the last two games, Ron… sorry, Stan cracked back, “If you’re an Orlando fan and you consider a loss like that on Boston’s home court humiliating, it probably speaks more to the fact that you haven’t seen enough playoff series around here in a long time.” Wow, laying smack on your fans. Classy Van Gundy. Now I only act like I’m a General Manager, but I believe when the best player says he needs the ball, calls the coach out on that and he cracks back on his teams fans. Something has to got to give. I would have to strongly consider letting him go. The “master of panic” should go for the right reasons. Not so his boss can unretire and takeover midway through the season. Talking to you Pat Riley.

The state of Delaware has joined the group of sports gambling. Interesting choice for such a small state. I get the economic aspect of it, but can such a blah state turn itself into a Las Vegas or even Reno. Now it does have some good history. One of the original thirteen colonies. It is the first state admitted into the Union. That’s all I got. Now if Delaware can bring in Mandalay Bay’s Sports Book with its 28 foot by 30 foot screen, I’m there in a heartbeat. Until then, Delaware will have to fight the almighty NFL to get this off the ground. Good luck. The sheriff Roger Goodell hasn’t lost a fight yet. With that aside, bring the Mandalay Sports book Delaware. Call me when it’s in.

(Change that slogan to “Delaware is a state, we now have gambling”)

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