American League Central


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1. Kansas City Royals

Their chances of repeating rest solely on the bullpen being a dominant force.

2. Cleveland Indians

The starting rotation is stacked and can match up with any in baseball.

3. Detroit Tigers

An offseason was spent finally remaking the bullpen.

4. Minnesota Twins

They peaked earlier than most expected. Now there are some expectations to compete for a postseason berth.

5. Chicago White Sox

Acquiring Todd Frazier might be a mute point for a team that had a lot of underachieving players last year.

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10 Questions Heading Into Spring Training



Halloween came and went. We stuffed our faces during Thanksgiving and celebrated the season at Christmas. We rang in the New Year and let Valentines go to the wayside. Pretty soon the unofficial holiday of Opening Day will be upon us and there are always a ton of questions as to what the new baseball season will bring us. I only have ten, but they are the ten most important and burning questions going into Spring Training. Continue reading

2015 MLB Trade Deadline Review



As with past deadline deals these will be highly scrutinized for many years. Instantly we see and decide who got the better end of the deal, but we really won’t know until at least two or three seasons down the road. The only way to know in real time is if the team getting the established major leaguer goes on to win a World Series. Time will tell if that happens this year with the flurry of names (a few marquee ones) being dealt this July. Continue reading

2015 MLB Mid-Season Report




AL MVP – OF Mike Trout Los Angeles Angels

NL MVP – OF Bryce Harper Washington Nationals

AL Cy Young – Chris Sale Chicago White Sox

NL Cy Young – Zack Greinke Los Angeles Dodgers

AL Rookie of the Year – SS Carlos Correa Houston Astros

NL Rookie of the Year – 3B Kris Bryant Chicago Cubs

AL Manager of the Year – Ned Yost Kansas City Royals

NL Manager of the Year – Clint Hurdle Pittsburgh Pirates

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2015 MLB All-Star Teams



Now in its 85th year the Midsummer Classic is appearing at the Cincinnati Reds ballpark Great American Ball Park. Now every year there is always a lot of discussion and some of it a little dated about how the teams are put together. No system will ever be perfect. Fans don’t always get it right and managers won’t either. The fact that the players are able to vote for participants was a great choice and they know who is deserving. Regardless of who should or shouldn’t be in the game lets just accept that the best players will always be involved one way or another. Here are my all-stars keeping with the rules that every team be represented and a total of 34 players for each league. Continue reading