Atlantic Division


1. Montreal Canadiens

Now is the time for them to capitalize on Carey Price and P.K. Subban being in their prime.

2. Tampa Bay Lightning

A tough Stanley Cup series should help them stay in contention.

3. Boston Bruins

Salary cap casualties shouldn’t derail any hopes of making the playoffs.

4. Florida Panthers

The young nucleus is coming together at the right time to surprise some opponents.

5. Detroit Red Wings

A new voice behind the bench will cause some bumps in the road.

6. Ottawa Senators

There’s a lot of talent, but it needs to come together first.

7. Toronto Maple Leafs

A new coach and front office will begin the long rebuilding project.

8. Buffalo Sabres

Getting Jack Eichel was a nice consolation prize. Continue reading

Atlantic Division


1. Boston Bruins

Defense has led to success in the past and should do wonders this year.

2. Montreal Canadiens

They always seem to be so close the last few years. Maybe this year will be different?

3. Tampa Bay Lightning

The moves they made for the defensive unit will help immensely.

4. Detroit Red Wings

Not a lot of scoring options, but that didn’t deter them in the past.

5. Toronto Maple Leafs

Like Montreal, Toronto fans have been wanting a winner for some time now.

6. Ottawa Senators

The franchise is paving the way for the future and it does look bright.

7. Florida Panthers

A few veteran additions should help build a solid young core.

8. Buffalo Sabres

Last year was rough, but the Sabres do have some assets to build on. Continue reading