2014 MLB All-Star Teams


Now in its 85th year the Midsummer Classic is appearing at the Minnesota Twins new ballpark Target Field. Now every year there is always a lot of discussion and some it a little dated about how the teams are put together. No system will ever be perfect. Fans don’t always get it right and managers won’t either. The fact that the players are able to vote for participants was a great choice and they know who is deserving. Regardless of who should or shouldn’t be in the game lets just accept that the best players will always be involved one way or another. Here are my all-stars keeping with the rules that every team be represented and a total of 34 players for each league. Continue reading

2014 NBA Champions


You just can’t count out the San Antonio Spurs. They are among the most unheralded and under appreciated champions in recent memory in any sport. They’ve been called boring with hardly any excitement to them. No one thought to say in those criticisms that there wasn’t any excitement by comparison when teams weren’t dunking the ball so much, but yet someone had to be crowned the champion. Continue reading

2014 Stanley Cup Champions


They were nearly swept in the first round. Their backs were against the wall with their crosstown rivals. And they had to defeat the defending Stanley Cup champions. Now imagine if the Los Angeles Kings had won the Stanley Cup last year. This would be their third consecutive Cup title and the first such feat since 1983 when the New York Islanders had finished off their fourth consecutive championship.  Continue reading

2014 Stanley Cup Final Preview


New York Rangers vs. Los Angeles Kings

It isn’t the quintessential ‘David vs. Goliath’ matchup as both teams are located in two of the biggest media markets in the country. With the Kings recent success of winning a Stanley Cup they have the upper hand on the Rangers who last won the Cup in 1994. Continue reading